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The result of the 54th Pittaluga Competition

1° Prize: VERA DANILINA (Russia)
2° Prize: AUSIAS PAREJO (Spagna)
3° Prize: KATARZINA SMOLAREK (Polonia)

The announcement of the 6th Competition Pittaluga Junior

The announcement of the 6th Competition Pittaluga Junior

The announcement of the 54th Competition

The announcement of the 54th Competition

Some Photos of the event
Pittaluga Senior: the announcement of the competition
Pittaluga Junior: the news about the rules of the competition
Pittaluga Senior: the news about the rules of the competition
Pittaluga Junior: the announcement of the competition
Concerto for a friend 2020
Edition 2020- 12th Competition for composers and Pittaluga ON AIR

a great performer left us.....

International guitar composition
The deadline for submitting your registration has been extended
25th Concert for a Friend


19th June 2020

Santa Maria di Castello Church in Alessandria

5° Pittaluga Junior

Welcome to our new sponsors
International Classic Guitar Composition

12th International Composition Competition (25/26 September 2020)

53rd Guitar competition- required pieces

53rd Pittaluga International Guitar Competition (21 to 26 September 2020)


24 Concerto per un amico a Cassine

Giulio Tampalini alla chitarra e Michela Podera al flauto

We have the score!

Threnody for guitar by Stephen Goss obligatory piece in the 52nd Pittaluga guitar competition.

Rules 52nd online

full rules about 52 Pittaluga guitar competition


quattro concerti con il Pittaluga e la Gioventu' Musicale di Milano

Travel to Alessandria 2018
Closer Airport and useful addresses
49th Michele Pittaluga Int Guitar competition
Soon on line!
11th International guitar competition for composers
the rules are online!
48th Pittaluga Guitar competition
48th Michele Pittaluga Competition results
Pittaluga Junior
2nd Pittaluga Junior Competition Results
Una chitarra in Premio anche al vincitore del Pittaluga JR
Un Premio aggiunto molto gradito. Benvenuto ad un nuovo sponsor!
Gendai Guitar for Pittaluga Junior 2015
The International Japanese magazine Gendai Guitar is offering some publications to the candidates enrolled at the Pittaluga Junior 2015 .
Naxos recording confirmed also in 2015/2016. Thanks to Norbert Kraft!!!!
The winner 2015 will record in Toronto (CA) his CD by Naxos recording in February 2016.
Program 2015 :Concierto de Aranjuez. 75 anniversary (1940-2015)
Compulsory pieces:
Competitions in 2015
48th Pittaluga guitar competition and Pittaluga Junior 2015
Sakurai Kohno guitar model MAESTRO-RF _NEW PRIZE_
Thanks Mr Masaki Sakurai, we will award the first Prize at the 48th Pittaluga guitar competition with a Guitar Sakurai Kohno model MAESTRO-RF (value 10000,00 )
Ecco la Giuria del Pittaluga JUNIOR
The panel of Jurors at the 1st Pittaluga Junior.
Giuria 47 Concorso Pittaluga/Panel of Jurors at the 47th Int. Pittaluga guitar competition
Ecco i nomi dei Giurati che selezioneranno il vincitore del 47 Concorso Internazionale di chitarra M.Pittaluga
Pittaluga Junior 2014: We are ready!- New prizes
welcome to the candidates at the Pittaluga Junior! To the selected competitors a free masterclass at the Vivaldi Conservatorio, books, cds, scores, and a week in USA!soon more details.......
17 June 2014- 9PM - Roland Dyens in concerto at Santa Giustina Abbey in Sezzadio
"Classico nelle dita e Jazzista nella mente : Roland Dyens, un artista con la chitarra"
SPECIAL EDITION for Young Talents born after 1st January 1998
Website updated-
No competition for composers in 2014- we strongly hope to be able to announce next edition in 2016.
City map of Alessandria
The map of the city centre of Alessandria
Gendai guitar January 2013-Report on 45th Pittaluga guitar competition
Articolo apparso su Gendai guitar (Giappone) nel numero di Gennaio 2013
Competition for composers: winners updated......
Luis Ochoa from Venezuela won the 1st Prize Janko Raseta from Poland won the Audience Prize and Angel Gutierrez Faxas (Kiko) was Finalist at the Michele Pittaluga Int. Competition for composers.